Home Accessories: 10 Country Style Accents

10 Essential Countryside Home Accessories

Love the vibe of a countryside home? Want to embrace the same in your home? If your answer to these questions is a ‘yes’, then we can help you. Well, the key to creating typical countryside home interiors is to produce a rustic feel that’s calm and relaxed. Regardless, whether you use historical ornaments or feminine touches, they should blend well to generate an authentic countryside atmosphere. You can consider using these home accessories to inject a countryside feel in your home:

Home Accessories That Shout Country Style

1. Floral Print Textiles Home Accessories

Florals are an important part of countryside decor. Whether you arrange floral printed upholstery in the living room or use floral curtains and bedsheets in your bedroom, florals will perfectly add a feminine touch to your interiors. You can also use a floral peel and stick wallpaper in the hallways or powder room. Simple floral vases can also contribute subtly to your countryside interiors. Just make sure not to overdo with floral home accessories!

10 Essential Countryside Home Accessories
Home Accessories: 10 Country Style Accents

2. Carved Wood Mantelpiece 

Install a mantelpiece made from carved wood over your fireplace. Visit a flea market and look for a second-hand mantelpiece there. You can also use distressed wood mantelpiece.

3. Potted Plants

Potted plants are essential home accessories to create a countryside look. For an authentic country house, use terra-cotta planters to highlight greenery. Combine them with ceramic vessels and chinoiserie vases to create an effortless real countryside look.

4. Weathered Metal Pendant Light

Bring countryside charm to your house’s interiors with a weathered metal hanging light. Set it up in the kitchen to complement your brass sink faucet and mahogany countertops. You can also hang weathered metal pendant lights in the living room and hallways.

5. Fire Bowl With High Stand

Enjoy countryside barbecues by getting a fire bowl with a high stand. This stand is basically made from recycled iron with heavy drop handles and riveted plates. One of the best home accessories to embrace the countryside feel!

6. Wooden Farmhouse Table Set

Incorporate an old farmhouse wooden table set in your lounge for a countryside dining experience. You can look for a secondhand table set or construct one. Don’t forget to adorn the table with country-side inspired table runners, napkins, and plates.

7. Grain-Sack Pillow Sets Home Accessories

Splurge on French-style grain sack pillows to decorate your master bedroom and kid’s room. You can also arrange some in the living room to complement your all-white sofa set.

8. Overstuffed Armchair

Create an inviting environment in your countryside house by investing in an overstuffed armchair. You can purchase a comfy French country chair or look for something with floral print covering.

10 Essential Countryside Home Accessories
Home Accessories: 10 Country Style Accents

9. Countryside Retro Clock Home Accessories

Consider a retro metal wall or desk clock for your home to showcase a countryside ambiance. Keep in on the vintage side table or hang the wall-mounted version over the fireplace.

10. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are ideal home accessories to create a countryside appearance. Use them for storage in bathrooms. You can also stack t on wood cabinets in the kitchen.

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