10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

A living room is the main attraction of every home. Be it a small living space with a TV unit or a large area including a dining table, the living room is the primary spot. It goes without saying that this place should look as stylish as it can. Well, decorating a living room calls for a lot of creativity and experimentation. You have to experiment with different patterns, colors, and sizes to make it look stylish, unique, and lively, all at the same time.  Here is a list of some living room decor items you can use to spruce up your living room:

1. LED Chandelier

Lighting is essential in a living room to make it look bright and appealing. You can use lighting as a living room decor item to produce a welcoming atmosphere. For that, a giant and beautiful LED chandelier will do the trick. You can pick the lamp-shade according to your existing theme. Make sure to complement this chandelier with matching table lamps. You can put these lamps near the sofa and dining table section.

10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items
10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

2. Incense Burner

Incense burners are not just used to impart a captivating fragrance to your place, but also as a décor item. So, get a gorgeous incense burner and set it up over the fireplace or at the dining table. Remember to complement it with some colorful candles.

3. Wall Art

Wall art can’t be overlooked when it comes to decorating a living room.  There are tons of wall art options to go for – paintings, photo frames, ceramics, mirrors, and so on. You can also use your creativity and create some stunning wall art décor.

4. Plants

Plants act as great living room decor items and we have no doubt in that. You can fill corners of your living room with big houseplants. Alternatively, you can hang some miniature plants in cute baskets near the windows. 

5. Comfy Pillows

Complement that beautiful sofa set with comfy pillows. They will not just offer you extra back support but will also make your space look appealing. Go for contrast color pillows. For a unique touch, you can place personalized pillows on your sofas.

6. Chic Cabinet

Who says cabinets are just for storage? In fact, they make a stunning living room decor items. Install an open cabinet and fill it up with an art gallery, vases, mini baskets, etc. If you have an old cabinet, you can paint it and decorate it accordingly.

7. Stylish Rug

The look of any living room is incomplete without a classy rug. You can choose a plain rug or patterned one. If you choose the latter, you can complement it with similarly-patterned pillows.  

8. Flower Vases

Decorate your dining table, coffee tables, and fireplace countertop with stylish vases. You can go for glass, metal, wooden, or ceramic vases as per your taste. Something to add a brilliant touch in no time!

10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items
10 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

9. Candles

If you don’t have lamps at your place, you can install some cute candles. Candles not only give a warm feeling to a living room but make the place extra special. Use scented candles to create a pleasant aroma.

10. Wind Chime

The trend of the wind chime will never fade away. A symbol of peace and good luck, a wind chime can alleviate the atmosphere of your living room in a matter of seconds.

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