10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks

10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Your home is your pride no matter how small it is. To make your tiny house look appealing every time, you need to keep updating its interiors from time to time. We are here to help you increase the functionality of your small space and make the most of it. No matter whether it’s that tiny living room, kitchen or bathroom, use our small house interior design hacks given below and make it feel bigger and better:

1. Replace The Big Dining Table

Small dining table sets can solve the purpose of keeping your family hooked together during dinner time. So, ditch that big dining table and replace it with a small one. Prefer to buy a round table to save extra space. You can even set up a folding/sliding wall table with some chairs around it.

10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks
10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks

2. Pin Up Clipboards

Replace those giant wall art canvases with pin up clipboards. Paint them to enhance your small house interior design. The best part of clipboards is that you can remove and change the display anytime you want to.  

3. Hang Long Curtains

Use full-length curtains and hang them higher to cover your walls. This will give an impression of a larger yet impressive space.  

4. Use Benches Instead Of A Couch

Benches eliminate the need for bringing in stuffed sofa sets that consume most of the living room space. Get a pair or two of benches and place a small coffee table in the center.  

5. Employ Wall Mounted Lights 

Use wall-mounted lighting fixtures and free up that much-needed space on tabletops. Make sure the lights are good enough to eliminate darkness in the space.

6. Employ Storage Space Wisely

Don’t invest in big storage cabinets when you can rely on built-in cabinets. The cabinets with sliding compartments can help you make the best use of the available space. You can also use wheeled storage like trolleys and carts to collect items in one place.

7. Buy Murphy Beds

Murphy beds or wall beds can be dropped down from the wall or pulled out from a cabinet whenever you want to use them. You can make them lean vertically against the wall or move them inside of the closet/cabinet when not in use.

8. Mirrors For Small House Interior Design 

Mirrors are used as a decor item and also to make a small space feel expansive. If placed adjacent to windows, they will help create the illusion of a bigger space. Also, more mirrors and windows your home has, the bigger it will appear.

10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks
10 Small House Interior Design Tips & Tricks

9. Use Wall Colors Wisely 

Wall colors can play a major role when it comes to small house interior designing. You can paint your walls in neutral shades to make your interiors seem bigger. However, be aware of the fact that light shades can make your walls easily dirty. On the other hand, darker shades tend to close off areas. However, if incorporated sensibly, they can make certain areas look expansive.

10. Vertical Gardens

Instead of keeping planters on the floor, arrange them vertically on a bare wall. Alternatively, you can hang those tiny pots to free up the floor space.

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