11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms

11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms

We spend most of our cozy times in our bedroom and that’s what makes it a special place for us. But does that special space feels dull and empty? If this is so, it’s high time to decorate your bedroom. Well, revamping a bedroom will not require you to splurge beyond your budget. It can be done cheaply if you use a bit of your creativity. Here are some cheap home decor ideas you can employ to make your personal space attractive:

1. Use A Vibrant Color To Paint Walls

Get the headboard wall and the opposite wall painted in vibrant color. Choose from rich hues like peacock blue, teal green, or something like hot pink. You can also make the walls look textured by setting up beautiful textured wallpaper. For something different, use 17th-century wallpaper.

11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms
11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms

2. Experiment With Prints

Replace your plain bed sheets and pillow covers with printed ones. Experiment with a variety of colored prints. For example – you can use a geometric print bedsheet in blue and complement it with black and white printed pillow covers.  

3. Pay Attention To Seating

If your bedroom looks empty, you can bring in seating furniture to make it look finished. A small stool, a reading chair or even a bench can make the overall look of your bedroom interesting.

4. Choose Mirrors As Cheap Home Decor

Mirrors are not expensive. Also, they are great to make a small space feel bigger and brighter. Besides a dressing mirror, you can choose to set up a mirror or two on the bedroom walls.

5. Use A Chandelier 

Who says a chandelier is just for the living room? It looks great in the bedrooms as well. So, hang a classy chandelier in the center of your bedroom wall to make an impressive design statement.  

6. Play With Colors

Experimenting with colors is always fun. Pick a few bright colors like blue and yellow or purple and green. Select your cheap home decor according to these colors. Don’t forget to choose a few neutral shades like beige/white to balance the brighter shades.

7. Use A Rug 

Rugs look attractive in bedrooms too. Cover the front space of your bed with a printed rug and keep a small bench over it. Also, use a matching rug near the bathroom door and beneath the dresser.

8. Opt For Miniature Wall Art Boxes

If any wall of your bedroom is bare, cover it up with some mini wall art canvases. You can also use big canvases for small walls.

9. Use A Woven Wall Hanging

Woven wall hangings are cheap home decor items that can add a wow factor to your bedroom walls. Create a big yarn wall hanging and use it as a headboard.   

11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms
11 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Bedrooms

10. Go Green

Buy a small plant stand to showcase your favorite plants in your master bedroom. Alternatively, you can also buy a few hanging planters.

11. Use A Room Divider

Fill that bare wall behind the bed with a three or four-panel room divider. Choose something in silk or velvet for an elegant and polished look.

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