11 Must-Have Vintage Home Accessories

11 Must-Have Vintage home accessories for Home

Many homeowners love adding vintage flair to their house. Whether it’s a vintage wall covering or an antique lamp, adding a few vintage home accessories can give a unique feel to your place. The vintage decor looks perfect in modern homes too. Well, you don’t need giant items to make a classy statement as small vintage decor items will do the trick. Given below are some vintage accessories you can incorporate in your house’s interiors:

1. Tasseled Lace Curtains

Get a few tasseled semi-sheer curtains and hang them in your bathroom or living room. These lace curtains can give your interior a true vintage feeling. If you don’t want to buy new curtains, you can create curtains with your lace scarfs.

11 Must-Have Vintage home accessories for Home
11 Must-Have Vintage Home Accessories

2. Vintage Mirror

Bring a retro feel in your master bedroom or dining room by hanging a vintage mirror on the wall. Use a giant sculptured mirror and pair it up with distressed wood photo frames to create a one-of-a-kind statement.

3. Retro Wallpaper

You don’t need to paint your walls to give your home interior a vintage-inspired look. Purchase retro wall coverings and stick them wherever you feel like.

4. Bar Cart/Trolley

Bar trolleys are versatile home accessories that can be used to organize your wine bottles as well as add a vintage touch to your bar area. You can keep one or two antique vases on the trolley along with wine bottles and cocktail shakers.

5. Apothecary Cabinets

Add some apothecary cabinets in your living room to maximize storage space and to add a vintage touch. You can keep distressed pots over the cabinet for a unique appeal. Fill these cabinets with anything you like – stationery, mini appliances, etc.

6. Retro Lamps

Buy some retro lamps to add brightness to your vintage house. You can buy vintage table lamps, antique hanging lamps or anything else as per your preference. Choose from a variety of cruise lamps, Betty lamps, Argand lamps, banquet lamps, etc.  

7. Vintage Cookware & Dinnerware

If you don’t have vintage cookware/dinnerware in your kitchen, buy a set of each. Look for something in cast iron, silverware, or copperware. Arrange the set in your open cabinets for a true vintage vibe.

8. Handwoven Rugs

Woven rugs are great home accessories that can bring in a rustic feel. If maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. So, get a few handwoven rugs for your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living area.  

9. Armoire 

Place an antique armoire in your dressing room to keep your clothes as well as display vintage charm. You can also use an armoire for your TV unit and keep it in the living room.

11 Must-Have Vintage home accessories for Home
11 Must-Have Vintage Home Accessories

10. Textiles

Splurge on vintage textiles such as napkins, runners, and tablecloths. Display them nicely on the dining table. You can also buy vintage cushion covers for your sofa pillows.

11. Vintage Fans

Hang retro-style fans to bring a mid-century feel in your bedrooms. You can also get your hands on a few vintage table fans and keep them on the coffee table or your kid’s study table.

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