12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items For The Hall

12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items for Hall

Creating a cool beach vibe in bedrooms is easy but what about the living room? The living room or hall will need extra effort to add a maritime style to it. Fortunately, you don’t need to fret. By adding a few coastal decor items to your lounge, you can completely nail the coastal look. Whether they are accent pillows, rugs or paintings, choose everything in colors like ocean turquoise, glass green, coral and weathered blue. Here are some decor essentials you can add in your hall to experience the beach feel.

1. Slipcover Furniture

Slipcover sofas and chairs are perfect to create a relaxed beach vibe. Pick cotton slipcovers in colors like beige, white, or khaki. Complement the sofas sets or chairs with beach-inspired pillows.

12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items for Hall
12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items For The Hall

2. Coastal Decor Accent Pillows

Whether you live by the ocean or simply love the coastal vibe, you can’t go without adding a few coastal-inspired accent pillows in your hall. You can choose something in a nautical theme or go for plain white pillows. If you love sea creatures, you can pick throw pillows featuring starfish, seahorse, crabs, whales, etc.

3. Beach-Inspired Footstool

A cute footstool with simple white and navy blue strips can effortlessly generate a beach vibe in your lounge.

4. Woven Wicker Chairs

Durable and lightweight, woven wicker chairs are a great way to bring in some coastal vibe. You can also consider getting a wicker hanging basket chair made from bamboo. Pair these chairs with other coastal decor items to complete the look.

5. Coastal Decor Wallpaper

To give a coastal touch to your living room walls, make use of coastal-inspired wall coverings. You can nautical striped wallpaper or something in pink & blue floral print. No matter what you choose, pick from shades like navy, turquoise, light blue, sea green, soft pink or white. If you are after a modern beach look, we will recommend you choosing wallpaper in the indigo shade.

6. Coastal Decor For Dining Table

Create an ocean theme dining experience by arranging coastal-inspired table napkins, runners, and napkin rings. Buy wine glasses that look like sea glass. Further, arrange ocean-inspired plates. You can also arrange a net-like table runner.

7. Oceanic Wall Collage 

You can create a DIY craft project using pearls, oyster shells, starfish and other coastal decor essentials. All you have to stick these items on blank framed canvases and use these canvases to create a wall collage.

8. Ocean-Inspired Figurines 

Whether it’s a simple seashell figurine or a mermaid statue, ocean-inspired figurines form an essential part of the coastal decor.

9. Coastal Decor Lanterns

You can’t go without lighting no matter which decor style you have opted for. When it comes to coastal theme, you can buy rattan lanterns and wood lanterns. You can even choose the designer lanterns inspired by the sea. Complement the lanterns with coastal-inspired candles & candle holders.

12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items for Hall
12 Must-Have Coastal Decor Items For The Hall

10. Nautical-Themed Rugs

Nautical themed rugs are great to add fresh, beach style to your living area. Chic, rustic, transitional, casual, and modern styles are some options you can choose from.

11. Coastal Window Treatments

Want to embrace the beach cottage lifestyle? Then add some coastal window treatments to your guest room. Choose from cool shades of pristine white, turquoise, weathered blue, soft pink or sunny coral.

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