5 DIY Home Decor Project Ideas

Diy Home Decor Projects

You can also turn your home into a haven with the help of a few easy DIY home decorating ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. There’s no reason why you can’t use your limited resources as the main reason why you don’t get what you need. Check out the following list of the 50 best cheap DIY home decorating ideas.

Wall hanging lights: This is one of the simplest DIY home decor projects that will give you an elegant touch in your living room or bedroom. You can purchase them at very reasonable rates and installation is so easy that even kids can manage it. If you’re thinking about using old decorations, then you should use glass rods with decorative plaques on them instead of iron rods. In order to give your walls a charming yet sophisticated touch, you should install a wall light fixture with a decorative hood or even a pendant.

Use Photos And Creativity

Plastic Photo Frames and Jars: You can use your imagination to create unique and affordable DIY home decor ideas. First of all, you need to collect photos that are in nice shape or are still intact and get them ready for resizing. There are plenty of cute photo frames and jars that you can use to store photos and paintings. In order to make them more interesting, you can place photographs on top of wood boards or even on ceramic tiles. For a more unique and affordable option, you can get some crystal jars and place vintage stamps or flowers on them.

Egg Cartons and Vases: You can also try your hand at some DIY home decor projects that incorporate egg cartons and vases. You can either use old or new photographs or paintings and turn them into lovely decorative accessories. You will be able to find many designs online or in craft stores, such as Oriental, contemporary and retro. You will need decorative items such as cookie cutters, wooden spoons for the vases.

Utilise Soaps And Candles

A pair of scissors

Soap Dispensers and Mason jars: Another great idea for DIY home decor projects involves creating soap dispensers and mason jars out of cardboard and wood. These can be used to add color and a touch of whimsy to any bathroom in your home. You can either purchase soap dispensers in different shapes and sizes from a craft store, or you can craft your own. All you have to do is prepare cardboard and cut it according to the size of the dispenser you’re going to build. You can also buy soap jars from a craft store and simply shorten the mason jar to make it easier to assemble.

Candle Lanterns and Candleholders: A candleholder and lantern can also be made from cardboard and wood and thus another great DIY home decoration idea. You can either buy them already made, or you can simply make them on your own. The idea behind DIY candleholders and lanterns is pretty simple – just write down how big you want your candle to be and then stick it in an egg carton. Then all you need to do is glue it onto the back of a cardboard egg carton. There are no specific DIY instructions via craft stores, just simply follow the instructions given in the craft store or online.

Flower Pot Art Work

Flower Pot holders and Flowerpot: Using floral monogrammed baskets, flower pots and holders can also be a great idea for DIY home decorating. They can also be used as traditional containers to hold plants and flowers. You can either purchase these from a craft store or make them yourself using household materials. Basically the idea behind flowerpot holders and baskets is pretty self-explanatory – stick a flower into the middle and voila – instant decorative accent!

To Conclude

Soap Dispensers: Another DIY home decor project that you might want to try are soap dispensers and mason jars. Again, there are various ideas you can use here but what you need to remember first of all is that in order to make soap dispensers and mason jars, you will need to purchase mason jars or perhaps pre-made soap dispensers. There are no specific instructions via craft stores as far as these DIY home decor projects go, but you will need to simply apply glue to the bottom of your mason jar or container, then fill it with water and stick your soap into it – voila – instant soap dispenser!

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