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8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types

8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types

Mirrors hold great respect in the eyes of interior designers. Reason – they are ideal decor items that can enliven the interior design effortlessly. If placed according to Feng Shui, they can bring good luck. Well, the bigger the mirrors are, the better will be the look of a place. So, incorporate some large mirrors in your home. Here are some large wall mirror types you can consider:

1. Round Large Wall Mirror

Round mirrors can add visual interest to a place in no time. This is why they make a perfect choice for any space that looks dull and boring. You can choose a frameless round mirror or one with a small frame. Pick a mirror with a broad wood frame to add a rustic touch. Look for a bohemian round mirror to complement your boho decor.

8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types
8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types

2. Full-Length Wall Mirror

If you love checking yourself every now and then, set up a full-length mirror at your place. Pick something that measures about 6-7 feet and has wide edges. You can choose a minimalist mirror and install it on the wall. Alternatively, you can make it lean against the wall or look for something with a stand. Something you can add in your walk-in closet!

3. Quatrefoil Large Wall Mirror

Stun your guests by adding a quatrefoil mirror in your bedroom. This type of wall mirror will add uniqueness to your home. You can buy a mirror will a vintage frame with gold or silver finish. You can also settle for something in carved wood. No matter which style you choose, the quatrefoil mirror is sure to add interest to your dull walls.

4. Beveled Large Wall Mirror

If you want something that is simple yet unique, pick a beveled mirror. Known for its beveled accents, this kind of mirror has a matchless look. You can buy a rectangular beveled mirror in stylish edges or a frameless accent mirror with a modern touch. Something perfect for a bedroom or hallway!

5. Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular mirrors come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Whether you pick a frameless round mirror or something with a traditional frame, a round mirror is sure to add charm to your place. If you choose a framed mirror, pick the one with a mosaic style as it’s quite on-trend. To save your money, design a mosaic mirror with old CDs that you don’t use.

6. Hexagon Mirror

A six-sided mirror, a hexagon mirror is quite trendy and perfect for you if your decor follows a geometric theme. It is also great for bathrooms. You can complement it with a round bathtub and oval sink.

8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types
8 Basic Large Wall Mirror Types

7. Octagon Large Wall Mirror

This eight-sided mirror also looks stunning in halls and bathrooms. You can choose octagon mirrors of different sizes and create a wall gallery.

8. Square Mirror

A square mirror is a simple and classy mirror that’s typically smaller than a rectangular mirror. Look for a mirror with intricate framing or backlighting to make your walls look extremely classy.

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