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8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners

8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners

Ask any homeowner about their favorite interior decor styles and the answer would definitely include nomadic boho. This popular trend is known for its warm, colorful, and eclectic design and feel. It’s extremely relaxed and super chic. Well, if you are about to update your home interiors with this artistic style, here are some useful decor tips for you:

1. Get Textural With Boho Decor

Bohemian is about adding textures. The more textures you add to space, the better it will look. Well, adding textures can be done in several ways. Include natural fiber rugs, baskets, and colorful & patterned artwork. Also, incorporate woven rattan furniture, cushions, throws, and macramé wall hangings. Further, use wooden furniture and bring in planters. You can color your pots in a bohemian pattern.

8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners
8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners

2. Use Colors & Patterns In Excess

Just like textures, use a lot of patterns for a complete bohemian vibe. We will advise you to select a base color that you would use for the whole area and incorporate colors that best complement the base color. For example – if you choose pink as the core color, you can choose pink and yellow for bed sheets, pink and white for pillow covers, pink and blue for rugs, and so on.

3. Avoid Excessive Use Of ‘Black’ 

Do not use black in excess if you are decorating your house’s interiors in a chic boho decor style. Instead of using dark wooden furniture, choose something in light and bright.

4. Houseplants As Boho Decor Essentials

Houseplants can’t be missed if you are after the bohemian decor trend. Try to set up at least 4 plants at a place. For a complete jungle vibe, use a variety of plants including cacti, succulents, vines, etc. Choose a corner to keep your houseplants or scatter them throughout the place. Install a shelf for vining plants. You can also hang mini pots on a window.

5. Consider Vintage-Boho Decor Combo

Add some vintage decoration items in your boho decor style. You can incorporate a wooden armoire, antique dresser, vintage lamps, etc. Try to shop for second-hand furniture for a real bohemian look.

6. Go For Low Slung Furniture

Look for furniture with low seating to completely nail the boho style. Purchase low slung sofas with their height matching with the coffee table. You can also go for a low seating boho bean bag.

8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners
8 Great Boho Decor Tips For Homeowners

7. Opt For Bright Color Paints

Whether it’s a bright yellow door or a side table painted in red, painting something in a bright stain can make the boho decor style look perfect. Well, you don’t have to paint all the room walls in bright colors. Just choose a few items and get them painted in brighter shades.

8. Lights As Crucial Boho Decor Item

Lights are essential in every decor style and boho decor trend is not an exception. Use a mix of different lights like lanterns, candles, fairy string lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and so on. Consider natural fiber pendants when shopping for pendant lights.

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