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8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners

8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners

An indoor water fountain is ideal to display an artistic expression. Whether you are a proud owner of a luxury floor fountain or are about to get one, indoor fountains will please you in a number of ways. This article presents useful tips to buy and care for your prized possessions. It will also tell you ways how to use them to enhance your home’s interiors.

1. Decide The Place For An Indoor Water Fountain

Before splurging your money on an indoor fountain, think of a place where you would install the fountain. Will it be the living room that gets a lot of natural light? Or you want to install the fountain in the music room? Although a fountain will make an invigorating statement in any room, try setting it up where you would like to see it the most. If you have a meditation room, we will recommend you to set up the fountain there.

8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners
8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners

2. Think Of The Indoor Water Fountain Type

If you are about to purchase an indoor fountain, get to know the different types you can invest in. You can choose from a floor fountain, tabletop version, or a wall-mounted fountain.

3. Water Fountains With Artwork

Many fountains are available with beautiful artwork that has a protective seal over it. Besides art, you can pick a fountain with a unique shape or design.

4. Cleaning/Maintaining The Indoor Water Fountain

You need to clean the pump and fountain from time to time. To keep the pump in good shape, always used distilled water. Also, wrap the pump in pantyhose to protect it from debris. Also, ensure the water basin is deep and large to handle splashing. Further, keep the water flow consistent to prevent the pump from getting damage as well as to avoid troubling noise. Never use harsh or wrong fountain cleaning supplies. For instance – if you have a stainless steel fountain, clean it with a damp cloth. Use furniture polish to clean copper fountains.

5. Keep Plants Near A Water Fountain

The plants are kept near an indoor water fountain for good reasons. Plants kept around the fountain will boost the aesthetic appeal of the place. Further, the fountain will create humidity to moisturize the dry hair as well as nurture the plants.

6. Using Indoor Water Fountain To Mask Sounds

Indoor fountains can be kept where your home receives maximum exterior sounds. Reason – the sound of splashing water found an indoor fountain will mask all the irritating sounds and distractions, thus making the place calm and relaxed.

8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners
8 Indoor Water Fountain Tips For Homeowners

7. Use A Cork Pad For Table/Floor Fountain

If the fountain rests on a desk or floor, make sure to put a cork pad beneath to avoid watermarks.  

8. Feng Shui Considerations

If you believe in Feng Shui, get to know how you can benefit from an indoor water fountain. Buy a bamboo fountain to redeem great wealth and health benefits. You can also look for a fountain with live fishes. Also, try to keep the fountain running for at least 5 hours a day.

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