8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using A Large Wall Mirror

8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using Large Wall Mirror

Most women love peeping into mirrors. Many like mirrors simply because they add a stylish touch to their home interiors. Especially when we talk about a large wall mirror, it can make any small space feel visually bigger and vibrant. Oversized mirrors are extremely attractive and can help you create a stylish and unique statement. So be it your bedroom, bathroom or living room, make sure to hang a giant mirror everywhere. You can use the following decorating ideas to showcase the beautiful mirrors:

Window/Door-Like Large Wall Mirror 

A door-like mirror can make the entrance of your living room stunning like never before. You can also install a window-like mirror in the living room. Install them behind sofas and arrange some flower pots near them to make the overall area look appealing.

8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using Large Wall Mirror
8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using A Large Wall Mirror

Oversized Mirror As A Headboard

You can pick a beautifully designed oversized mirror and use it as a headboard. Alternatively, you can create a DIY mirror tile centerpiece for that bare wall behind your bed. You can even hang a mirror at the wall and complement it with the artwork.  

Large Wall Mirror As Entryway Display

Get a big sculpted mirror and put it near the entrance. You can also go for a modern designer mirror and complement it with a pair of lamps. Place a stylish stool beneath it and arrange other decor items on the stool. You can use candles, mini planters, flower vases, for that purpose.

Mirrored Walls

To make your bathroom look unique, replace the bathroom walls with mirrored walls. Make the overall look more stunning by using complementary decor including glass bathroom shelves, sink, and so on.

Convex Mirrors For Fireplace

If you have a round dining table near the fireplace, use a convex mirror or two over the mantel. The circular mirrors will perfectly play off the round shape of your table. It’s better to hang two round mirrors on the walls and display an artwork over the mantel.

Full-Length Hallway Mirror

Whether you have a small hallway or a big one, we recommend you to decorate it will a full-length mirror. You can choose a minimalist mirror or vintage-inspired style depending on your taste. Complement the mirror with art canvases, paintings, wallpapers, or whatever that you think can make the hallway standout.

Large Wall Mirror Gallery 

Create a mirror gallery using mirrors of varying shapes, sizes, and styles. You can set up the gallery in the living room, hallway or even in your kitchen.

8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using Large Wall Mirror
8 Stunning Decorating Ideas Using A Large Wall Mirror

Full-View Walk-In Closet Mirror

A full-view mirror is a must-have in every walk-in closet. Besides letting you know how you look, the mirror can act as the center of attraction.

Additional Decoration Tips:

  • You don’t always have to hang a full-size framed mirror. Place it on the ground and allow it to lean against the wall.
  • Use mirrors in small rooms to visually enhance their size.
  • Keep the thickness of the mirrors neither too less nor too great.
  • Hang more mirrors of varying sizes in big rooms.
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