Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners

9 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners

It’s no wonder why homeowners like the feel of a rustic home. Although a rustic design is a broad concept, a typical rustic design is natural, warm, and rough. It incorporates earthy colors, nature-inspired textures, and unpretentious organic warmth. No matter whether you are after a rustic look or want to update the existing decor, these DIY rustic decor ideas will help you create economical yet appealing rustic interiors.

Rustic Decor For The Bathroom

1. Rope Trash Can 

This DIY rustic can is perfect to keep in your bathroom. Grab a cheap trashcan and cover it with a rope. Use a glue gun to stick the rope on the can. You can also make a rope tissue paper basket and rope bathroom tumbler.

9 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners
Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners

2. Rustic Bathroom Signs

These rustic decor elements will create a stylish statement near your bathroom area. To create them, use old pallet wood and decorate it a wood stain. Use white acrylic paint to write words such as ‘Unwind’, ‘Bath bliss’ etc. on the wooden pallets.

3. Rustic Box Shelves

Rustic box shelves are great to store bathroom essentials like towels, shampoos, shaving kit items, etc. To make these shelves, cut the barn board into an apt length and screw them together to create square or rectangle boxes.

Rustic Decor For The Bedroom

4. Rustic Headboard

Elevate the look of your master bedroom by adding a simple yet appealing rustic headboard. Use any project wood of your choice and stain it in your favorite shade. You can arrange the panels of the wood horizontally or vertically as per your liking.

5. Mason Jar Rustic Candle Sconce 

Brighten up your bedroom while enjoying the rustic feel with these jar candle sconces. Stain a small piece of wood. Attack a small hook on the wood to hang the Mason jar using a small chain. Store a decorative candle in the jar and lighten it up before closing the jar. You can write a memorable phrase on the jar with white acrylic paint.

6. Rustic Decor Rope Lamp

Give your bedside lamp a rustic touch by wrapping a rope around the lampstand. One of the easiest rustic crafts to make!

For The Living Room

7. Pallet Coffee Table

A pallet coffee table is perfect to complement your rustic decor interiors. Well, it won’t require much effort to create it. Set the slabs for the tabletop and attach the table legs. Further, paint the finished product and attach the under-shelves.

9 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners
Rustic Decor Ideas For Homeowners

8. Floating Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are great rustic decor items to keep mini pots, vases, photo frames, etc. Gather some plywood pieces and cut them in a triangular shape. Apply wood stain and set them in a corner on varying heights. Use nails, wood screws, and putty to create and arrange these shelves.

9. Wire Basket & Wood Botanical Display

Gather some wooden panels and screw them together. Now stick a wire basket on the panels. This wire basket can then be used to keep your plants. You can use live or artificial plants as per your choice. Something great to display in a hall or entryway!

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