9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For The Home

9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For Home

Today, almost everyone has become a fan of boho style and homeowners are of no exception. This is the reason they prefer boho-inspired decor for their home over everything else. If you too love this style, we have brought some easy and chic DIY boho decor craft ideas for you. Whether you call it hippie, bohemian or gypsy, these ideas will let you decorate your space stylishly and inexpensively.

Boho Candle Holder

If you love decorating your home with candles, you can make a DIY candle holder. To create this boho holder, use black and white or colorful feathers. You can use some glitters or a glitter ribbon to make the holder appealing. Create candle holders of varying sizes for your scented candles.

9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For Home
9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For The Home

Boho Beaded Wind Chime 

Wind chimes are great to hang in your dorm, bedroom or on the front door. Use a wooden rod or take a branch from your garden to create the wind chime. Hang multiple strings of colorful beads from the rod and stick some mini bells at the end to complete the look. A boho decor idea your whole family will love!

Boho Decor Tray

Are you a fan of fashion accessories? Then get ready to make DIY accessory trays with a boho-chic appeal. You can buy ceramic trays and paint them in a bohemian style. These trays can also be gifted to any dear friend on a special occasion.

Yarn Wall Hanging

Take a knitting thread and make a beautiful yarn wall hanging with it. You can use jersey fabric of varying colors and create multicolored hangings for every room. Best is to use a monochromatic theme to add extra style to a place. Choose the thickness of the rod according to the thickness of the strings you are crafting.

Tasseled Comforter

Give your comforters a boho-inspired look and feel by attaching some colorful tassels on all sides. This looks perfect on plain as well as printed sheets and blankets. You can give a similar look to your pillow covers.  

Bohemian-Style Pom-Pom Garland

Garlands are perfect to showcase on a fireplace mantel as well as on the front door. You can also hang a pair of garlands on the sides of your front door. Create garlands using multicolored pom-pom or go for a black & white garland.

Boho Decor Ribbon Planters

Decorate your planters with colorful ribbons to give them a boho-chic appearance. If you don’t have planters, you can turn white serving dishes into planters. Put some stones for a simple yet appealing look.

9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For Home
9 Easy & Chic DIY Boho Decor Ideas For The Home

Bohemian Woven Rug

Gather a rope, some pom-pom and tassels, and other essential stuff and make a woven rug out of them. Use bright and bold colors for your boho decor materials including yellow, bright pink, green, etc. This bohemian-inspired rug looks great on small floor spaces like entrance. You can use round rugs as bathroom mats or a long rug to place under your sofas and dresser.  

Boho Decor Scarf Curtains

Take out your vintage stoles and hang them as curtains in your rooms. You can also take multiple scarfs and bind them together to make a long drape.

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