Affordable Home Accessories And Modern Decor

Home Accessories Decor

Been wanting to imbibe the sleek vibe of contemporary home design but running low on budget? We got you covered with these straightforward and affordable home decor tips.

Gallery wall

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It helps to make a modern home even more beautiful when you put up a gallery wall. It is time to take the best family photos off the phone and up on the wall. Just paint the old frames and print your handpicked Instagram. Carefully grid them on your blank wall and play with various shades of colors. You may also use heavy-duty hanger tape for easy and mess-free adjustments. And voila, you have got a new sweet spot at home!

Art piece

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Placing different art pieces also helps to make the house more pleasant. It adds up to make a home look more expensive, even if the art pieces are cheap.

Any cherished sculpture or painting would be excellent as a tabletop or living room centerpiece. Sculptural elements, preferably geometric, exude character, depth, and drama in the household aesthetic. Wait up; there are many works of art (made by anonymous artists) that come at an affordable price. You’ll have to be keen in searching the web. And what’s better is, you can request a tailor-made sculpture that’s a hundred percent unique and one-of-a-kind.

Suppose you have no spare cash to buy an artwork. In that case, any valued memorabilia or family remembrance will do– a crayon drawing of your three-year-old, an antique hand-me-down, a gift from your best friend–anyone that you treasure as a family.

Geometrically shaped furniture

Some interior designers also advise placing a geometrically shaped furniture in a home to add to its beauty and structure. The furniture you will put in does not have to be expensive, you can use old furniture, just repair it to make it look new and make sure it is suitable for your home’s interior.

If you have side chairs and an ebony table in the backyard, roll up your sleeves, and let’s do a swift reupholster. Just be sure to focus on streamlined shapes, strong lines, and don’t forget to keep it classy.

A block of rich wood, metal tubes, and a couple of glass pieces can elevate your typical living space.

A unique light fixture

The exceptional lighting fixture is a game-changer. But if you have no extra penny for a luminous chandelier, no worries, some spray paint will do the magic!

A first take would be a Hula Hoop Light. Coat your outworn hula hoop, and wrap around your lightbulb and cord. Hang in your study area, and you’re right.

Got some strands of old Christmas lights? Just hover the spray paint into the whole cord, and in a few minutes, a rose gold string light is ready to illuminate your room.

You can also scout a bunch of DIY modern brass pendants, dome pendants, arched floor lamp, or if you’ve got a broken vase, transform it into a glass pendant light.

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