Art Deco Interior Design – A Guide To Modern Art Deco

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Decorating in the modern style means that you are fond of American and European styles of decoration in the 1920s and 1930s. Modern art deco not just represents modernity but also elegance and functionality. If you are into Modern art deco interior designing, then the following list might be of help to you.

Common Motifs Of Modern Art Deco

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The changes in the various industries, such as fashion to architecture have changed our taste and styles. The three forms that characterize modern art deco are linearity, geometric and angular. If you intend to change your living room design, then you should be looking for various regular motifs, such as trapezoidal, chevron, zigzag, stepped, sweeping, triangular, sunburst, jagged, pointed edges, and stylized wildlife.

Materials Used For Modern Art Deco

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Some materials are a perfect fit for modern art deco, for example, gold and steel. These are the two materials that have been generously used in modern art deco ranging from interior designing to accessories. Some of the broad categories of materials used in modern art deco are:

stainless steel, mirror, and chrome, glass, and lacquer for furniture.

Shark, velvet, and zebra skin for extravagant cushioning.

High-end materials, for example, zebrawood, marble, and ebony for opulent furnishings.

What Are The Elements Of Modern Art Deco?

Having a modern deco interior design adds to your elegance and class. You can always do some mix and match, such as you can incorporate some modern art deco triangular or glassed items with some traditional defined furniture and accessories.

The following are some elements of Modern art deco interior design that can be added to your living space and make it more appealing.

The colors add a striking and bold feature to the interiors. It is paired or interrupted with other colors such as silver, gold, or black.The colors that prove to be compatible with the interiors are creams and beiges.

The Modern art deco items of furniture do not include frills and intricate designs. Instead, they are usually large-sized furniture, wardrobes, etc.

The plush furnishings in modern art deco include leathers and ebony. Nowadays, solid colors with geometric designs are preferred.

If you have wooden flooring in your home then you already have an element of Modern art deco. Black and white checkered flooring are also considered a motif of Modern art deco. These types of floorings provide an optical illusion.

The light equipment is the most characteristic and eye-catching element in Modern art deco. Some of the examples could be, fanned out shades, etched glass shades, etc.


If your sense of style drifts towards the American and European 1920s and 1930s styles, then the above-given guide is a must for you. It will help you convert your boring living room into the most attractive space in your home.

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