Become An Interior Decorator And Transform Your Room Space From Ordinary To Extraordinary With This!

The interior sticker boom isn’t taking hold, and why should it? Space and interior designers calculate that the sticker came to the world about ten years ago to stay. A decor sticker is a quick, cheap and easy solution when your home decor needs a little overhaul. Painting and wallpapering are still strong, but stickers are a consumer-friendly addition to a small home upgrade.  As a home renovator, the interior design also needs a little update.  So, picking up this Black Dandelion Wall Sticker is one of the best decisions you would ever make to give your interiors a replenishing look.

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Did It Win Your Heart? Wait!

Before you rush to use it to give the inside space a whole new attraction, here is a quick application guide for you to do it the right way. Attaching a decor sticker requires precision and patience. Most image labels do not suffer even if they are cut from suitable points into smaller parts.

How And Where?

  •  Clean the surface to which you want to affix the sticker and dry it well.
  • The painted surface should be smooth.
  •  Plastic-faced wallpaper and fiberglass wallpaper are surfaces that stickers may not stick to.
  •  For example, a spatula can be used as an installation aid so that no air bubbles remain on the surface.
  • It is not advisable to remove the large sticker from the base at once, but to install it gradually.

Do It This Way!

  • Fold the label face down, and gently remove the protective paper from the label so that the sticker remains on the transfer tape.
  • Place the sticker in place and attach so that no air bubbles remain on the surface.
  • Press the sticker to attach it properly. Do not use sharp objects or nails to apply pressure.
  • Carefully and slowly remove the transfer tape so that you can still correct the situation if any part of the sticker did not stick.

Why to Have Black Dandelion Wall Stickers? Some Features That Will Amaze You!

Finally, a stress-free and fast way to decorate that doesn’t have to last forever. This plastic-free wall sticker is simple to apply and remove, and they’re kind to your wall and the environment. The best part is that installing labels needs no tools at all. Black Dandelion wall stickers are designed and manufactured with care.

A sofa in a living room


  •  Offers relaxing ambience to your room
  •   Easy application on clean and smooth wall surfaces
  •  No hassle during installation
  •  Eco Friendly Material
  •   Two sided visual patterns

Bonus: No Mess

You can quickly remove the stickers if you like without leaving any fingerprints or traces on the walls. You don’t have to do with the unsightly walls that result from scraping stickers.


Its glossy material may sometimes make you uncomfortable to see it for longer time

In Conclusion

You can choose this black dandelion wall sticker to get fantastic wall decoration at a fraction of the cost of paint, sculptures, and other wall art, and enjoy living inside gorgeous walls.

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