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You are probably wondering why you should be reading this article. Well, I am going to tell you about the best home interior design companies that will suit your needs.

These are professional firms with years of experience in designing homes for people. They use the latest technology and equipment on their projects so they can finish them on time and within budget, which is a big deal for most clients these days. Whether it’s residential or commercial work, these firms offer first-rate service at competitive rates, so there’s no reason not to hire them today! Ok, I think you get the point.

So to make things easier for you and save time, here are some of the best home interior design companies that offer the service we need:

1. Vanderbuilt Designers:

A view of a large window

The first name on our list is a company called Vanderbuilt Home. Completed in 2007 by Carl Muller and Robert Wright, this firm has quickly become one of America’s finest home Interior Design firms with offices in New York City and Atlanta Georgia. Their talented staff will work hard to give you exactly what you want so they can meet your budget expectations. They specialize in high-end interior design products such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and luxury textiles so don’t hesitate to contact them if these are some of your preferred items.

2. JHDesigns, Inc.:

A view of a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

The next company on our list is called JH Design, Inc. completed in 1985 by Jeffrey Hattenbach. He is a professional with years of experience who will work closely with you to give you the home of your dreams. Whether it’s a new room or an entire house renovation you can be sure that this finisher will do everything possible to make it happen for you. And remember that they specialize in lighting and luxury textiles so feel free to ask them if these are high up on your priority list.

3. EDG Interiors:

The third company we have chosen is called EDG Interiors and was created in 1992 by Mark Edward Gottfredson and Steve Giovinco. This firm is based out of Portland, Oregon, and has recently opened up an office in San Francisco California. They are well-known for their luxury textiles, window treatments, and light fixtures so if any of these things interest you please give them a call today!

4. Norman Design Studio:

The next company on our list is called the Norman Design Studio created by Greg Norman in 2001 with locations throughout North America. He has partnered with some of the most talented interior designers who have worked in both residential and commercial industries making him one of the top home design firms around today. And remember they specialize in lighting products, custom cabinetry, and furniture so if these items are what you need make sure to give them a call immediately!

5. Walker Zanger Inc.:

The next company to make the list is called Walker Zanger created back in 1973 by David Walker & Gregg Zanger. They are one of the most popular home interior design firms today that have several locations throughout North America giving them nationwide coverage for any project you might need to be completed. And remember they have partnerships with different well-known companies that will help them finish your project on time and within budget so don’t wait another minute to call them!


In the past, the home design was an art that had to be learned from a professional. With the growth of technology and easy access to information on how others have tackled their to-be-done projects, this is no longer necessary. It can now be as simple as finding a company with good reviews or testimonials for your area and following some tips about what you want to be done to get it all finished up!

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