Bring Your Home Decorating Dreams Into Reality With DIY Wood Home Decor

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Decorating with wood from your own home is an interesting yet very cost effective way to express yourself while still saving money and being environmentally friendly. All you require is some wooden pieces of timber, some paint, a little creativity and some tools. This is actually one of the favourite ways to beautify your home with timber.

First of all you need to select the area of the home you want to decorate. The entire idea should be that you choose a focal point from where you can gather all the rest of the pieces. When doing so, think about the good way you can decorate the room, you do not want it all covered up or blended together. So once you have selected a particular area you can start working on it.

Get Some Good Scrap Timber

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a dining room table

The next thing to do is to get some good scrap timber. You will obviously need plenty as you will not want to have them clutter your house. The good thing is that scrap timber is cheap and easily available. Make sure you get some cedar, pine or redwood as they are the most popular species.

The next thing to do is to plan out your DIY Wood Home Decor theme. It is important that you have everything planned out in detail before you start. This way you do not find yourself running around getting things in place and having to stop and fix them. Once you know exactly what you want you can go to your local hardware store and get some hardware and paint. Make sure you plan your entire project out so you know where everything goes and you also have a good idea of how long it will take. You will also need to make a list of all the tools and materials that you will need.


A kitchen with a dining room table

Painting is very easy and can be done in any one of a number of ways. You can either paint with gloss paint or with the natural grain of the wood. To give your DIY Wood Home Decor a more authentic look you could use wood strips and also sandpaper for the grooves. All you need then is to finish off with a glossy wood stain.

When it comes to the doors and windows of your house, you need to make sure that they are in good condition. By good condition I mean that they are looking good and in good working order. If they need painting, you should always choose a reputable and high quality painting company. They should be experienced and skilled in their trade. They will usually use the best wood that is available which will give your DIY Wood Home Decor something that is real and not plastic.

Get Some Good Scrap Timber

There is also the aspect of doors and windows that need to be considered when carrying out your DIY Wood Home Decor plans. It would be advisable to use good quality locks on them so that they are safe from the vagaries of weather. 

By good quality we mean strong and durable ones that can withstand years of use. There are many ways that you can secure your locks but the best is to use the modern magnetic locks. Magnetic locks are very hard to pick – even by professionals.


One of the last things that we will discuss today is the lighting system that you will need. Lighting is definitely an important element of a well-decorated room and with your DIY Wood Home Decor this is no exception. You can get many great ideas online or at your local store. What you will need however is a good pair of LED grow light bulbs. These can be purchased from a number of places but the LED grow light bulbs tend to be the most energy efficient and therefore are the ones that you will generally find on offer.

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