Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items -

Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items

Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items

If you are a homeowner who prefers decorating on a budget, then you can’t think of throwing those plastic bottles, cans, and other expired accessories. Reason – these materials can be recycled and employed to create cheap home decor for your interiors. If you have terrible crafting skills, do not worry as we are here to help. Employ these craft ideas to add a decorative touch to your interior design.

Suitcase Pet Bed

An old suitcase can be recycled and used to create a stylish and comfy bed for your pet. Use half of the suitcase and line its interior with cozy bedding. You can also attach a stand at every corner to give a decent height to your pet bed. If you have two pets, create a bunk bed using suitcases of two varying sizes.

Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items
Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items

Cheap Home Decor Plastic Bottle Planters/Pots

You can use plastic bottles to create stylish and cute DIY planters. Assemble the bottom part of your plastic bottles, color them and use them as planters. You can neglect the bottom part and create hanging planters with bottled caps and neck regions. For something unique, throw the middle part of the bottles and using the rest of the bottles as planters. One of the coolest cheap home decor ideas out there!

Cheap Home Decor Glass Bottle Coastal Decor

Utilize glass bottles to create a variety of coastal-themed decor items. You can color the glass bottles and jars in shades of blue, tortoise, coral, etc. Fill these bottles with sand and gravel. Complete the look by fitting coastal items like shells in the neck of the bottles.

Mason Jar Sconce Vase

You can easily transform old mason jars to classy wall sconce vases. Before hanging them from a wood panel, paint these jars and wrap a shimmery ribbon around their neck. You can then fill them with some fresh blooms or keep candles inside.

Cheap Home Decor Frame With Old Books

Turn an old hardcover book into a cute photo frame. If you don’t have old books, you can buy some secondhand books to create picture frames. This project can be made in just 15 minutes. The best part- you can swap photos anytime you want to!

Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items
Cheap Home Decor Using Recycled Items

Recycled Denim Basket

Drop the idea of throwing your old jeans and instead use them to create super-stylish denim baskets. You simply have to cut the jeans and glue them on the baskets. You can use these chic baskets to store your laundry. Just like this project, you can create other DIY crafts using recycled denim. Some of them are pen holders, denim wall hangings, cabinet or sofa covers, and denim rugs.

DIY Key Wind Chime

Wind chimes create a soothing atmosphere wherever they rest. Plus, they are great statement-making decor items. If you have unused keys, use them to create a wind chime. Color these keys in your favorite shades and hang them from a colorful wooden stem using threads. If you don’t like the idea of the key wind chime, create bottle cap wind chime. You can even use the old keys to make a one-of-a-kind votive holder.

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