Decorative Items For A Home Office

10 Must-Have Decorative Items For Home Office

If you have a home office, you won’t need a typical desk setup to work. However, you need to have a productive space to work more efficiently. To help you boost your creativity and make your home office more inviting, we have created a list of some essential decorative items. They will not only facilitate your focus but will give your office a visually interesting look.

Desk & Wall Clocks

Clocks are a must in a home office. No doubt you will have a smartphone to keep you mindful of the time; a clock can actually boost your productivity. You can look for a multi-functional clock with additional functionalities like a thermometer, Bluetooth, charging station, LED displays, etc. You can also purchase a wall clock with a photo frame or something like a spy camera.

10 Must-Have Decorative Items For Home Office
Decorative Items For A Home Office

Desk Lamp

Even if your home office has adequate lighting, you should set up a desk lamp to prevent eye strains. Look for a designer lamp that can make a sleek and stylish statement. Make sure that it has an adjustable arm and a good light bulb.

Photo Frames

Adding a personal touch to your office space will give you a cozy feeling while working. So, keep a few photo frames of your family or friends at the working desk. You can also create a wall collage with these personalized frames.

Wall Art

Do you want to stare at those dull and bare walls while working? If no, include a few wall art decorative items in the office. You can choose from photo frames, wall murals, paintings, and even wallpapers. Choose a minimalist wallpaper and not too dramatic for your working space.

Pen Holder

Get a cute pen & paper folder to complement your office interiors. Whether you choose a simple holder in a cute color or a crafty piece, it can add a subtle decorative touch to your home office.


Invest in a side chair or bean bag for your office. This extra chair/bag will come to your rescue whenever you get tired of sitting on your regular desk chair.

Storage Cabinet

Set up a storage cabinet to keep your office files, folders, books, and other essentials. You can look for a multipurpose cabinet or a bookcase to organize your office essentials.

Hanging Planters

You don’t have to skip plants at your home office especially if you are a nature lover. Keep a few mini planters on the bookcase or shelf. You can also consider hanging planters as decorative items to feel energized while working.  

10 Must-Have Decorative Items For Home Office
Decorative Items For A Home Office

Colorful Rug

Cover up your office space with a stylish area rug, for sound-absorption as well as to add visual interest. Pick a simple and classy rug to keep under the office desk and a fluffy rug for those extra chairs.


Who says chandeliers look good only in the lounge? Simple and elegant chandeliers will glam up your working area in no time. No matter whether you use these decorative items or not, they can refresh your office and increase your productivity.

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