DIY Gothic Home Decor

diy gothic home decor

For many who appreciate the Gothic style, a DIY Gothic Home Decorating project is a fulfilling and rewarding way to bring this unique style into their homes. The beauty of the Gothic tradition is that it combines the best of old world design with new elements of the modern age. While the traditional look is very aesthetically pleasing, the dark and heavy nature of this art form lends itself nicely to candle lighting in living areas and even in bedrooms. There are several ways to incorporate this into your home decor. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for making this type of decor both more practical and much more attractive.

An Overview

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Firstly, you should make sure any candles you use feature sconces on top, rather than just regular light sockets. This is because sconces are intended to set the mood, and in the case of Gothic candle sconces, this often means giving off an aura of mystery and dark inner thoughts. Because this style involves candle holders rather than the more common glass holders, you may also want to use tea lights as candle holders rather than regular glass. The effect is very romantic, but can be offset if the candle light is too strong. In order to achieve a balanced effect, then you should probably aim to have about half a fire and half tea light candle.

Of course, candles aren’t the only thing you should be using for your DIY Gothic home decor. Burning candles in your home decor is, of course, very dramatic. If you can, try to find candles with interesting glass casings – these can be very detailed and look very dark and Gothic. If you’re having a candlelight dinner for instance, this could be a good way of getting your guests interested in what you’ve got in your kitchen.

You can also get candles that have intricate, detailed filigree or carved designs carved into them. You can use this to draw attention to certain areas of your room. For example, if you have a black and white kitchen, adding some candles with carved details to the stove would look great. It’s kind of a cheap way of making it look Gothic, without costing you much money at all.

Gothic Home Decor Tips And Tricks

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If you don’t fancy doing any work yourself, you can always just buy them. There are some really great candle making kits out there for people like you. If you can’t afford these, then you can always make your candles with regular wax that you can buy from most craft stores. Just remember to put them somewhere out of reach of children!

Candles are a great way to bring some color to a room if your other decor is all gray or black. Plus, candles make great gifts, too! If you’ve ever had someone give you a candle as a birthday present, then chances are that they put some in their room as well! There’s something about candles that give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. They also fit in with other Gothic home decor ideas, such as cross-stitch and other embroidery techniques.

Gothic candles can be made from all sorts of things. You can find candles made out of stained glass, crystal, bronze, wood, porcelain and even fabric. These days, candles are even starting to become available in more unusual materials, such as bone, shell, lace, paper and fabric.

In The End

You can find candles in many different shapes as well. They’re available in hexagon shapes, jellybean shapes, animal shapes, fish, vampire shapes and just about any other shape that you can imagine. When using candles in your Gothic decor, it’s important to remember that you want to use colors that will stand out against the black and white decorations. Deep, rich colors work best, as the darkness of the candles will take advantage of the space and draw attention to the beauty within. Keep in mind that candles only need a simple wick to light, so it’s really a matter of personal preference as to how much darkness you want in the room.

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