DIY Room Decor Tips For the Modern Bride

diy room decor

The world is your canvas and any kind of imagination and creativity can come to use when decorating a room using DIY room decor ideas. Try out the following easy to follow step by step instructions for easy room decorating and create your own personal bedroom extra awesome. Whether you’re searching for free printable wall arts or inexpensive lighting ideas, canvas art tutorials or colorful living signs for your child’s room, try these 75 DIY fun ideas for decorating your home.

Freehand Drawing – A Great Way To Develop Hand Eye Coordination

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Create your own geometric life with free life-size designs on canvas available everywhere. Get a good digital photograph of you and your spouse’s home and draw or paint with the free shapes that form the basis for most modern diy room decor. Try making a collage out of old photos to learn the basics of drawing. Freehand drawing is a great way to develop hand eye coordination, artistic ability and fine motor control. It is also a great way to reduce the frustration associated with advanced computer aided designs.

You can hang free-standing wall art in any room of the house. Use it as a focal point in a children’s corner of a playroom or master’s apartment. Transform an entryway with whimsical hanging Asian lanterns or wooden wall sconces. Transform a dining room or kitchen with interesting tiered candle wall decals. You can even hang unique oil painting reproductions of your favorite landscape, cityscapes or abstract paintings from the comfort of your own home on any wall in your home.

When planning to decorate your bathroom try incorporating one of the many fascinatingly versatile DIY wall art techniques. Hang a DIY wall art photo in the open on the wall. Use a long, narrow paint brush to paint the photo back on the wall. Make sure that you have a smooth surface to paint on. Hanging the photo above your shower stall door gives it a magical touch of luxury. Decorate your kitchen island or countertop with an Asian themed photo frame and hang bamboo planters.


Asian inspired wall decor makes for an exciting DIY room theme. Use bamboo baskets, gingham, colorful chopsticks and bamboo stools for a fun, whimsical Asian inspired theme. Hang an Asian themed wall clock on an accent wall. Decorate an accent wall in colorful mosaic tiles with oriental designs.

Gallery wall decor is a wonderful way to add personality to a boring room. Bring a bit of East Asia into your home by hanging these gallery wall accents. Hang colorful silk oriental wall tapestries on a bamboo gallery rod. You can use handcrafted rice paper fans to accent the Asian inspired pillows.

Using Asian tapestries on a bamboo gallery wall adds a touch of authentic Asian culture into your home. There are many unique designs to choose from, including modern, traditional and rustic styles. The woven tapestries come in a variety of colors, including bright reds, blacks and grays.

Choose A Decorative Wrought Iron Accent Wall For Diy

For a truly unique and decorative Asian living room look, hang these beautiful wall hangings on an English country porch. Choose a decorative wrought iron accent wall and use bamboo accent pillows to really bring this accent home. The wall hangings will bring an exotic Asian flair to your living room and it will become the focal point of your space. Decorating with Asian wall art can be a fun and rewarding project to undertake as long as you use creative and unique design ideas.

Using colorful pom poms to decorate for a themed wedding is a fun and economical way to incorporate them into your wedding decor. You can purchase a few plain, white ones to start and then buy more pom poms to finish the overall look. These pom poms can be used to accent a guest bathroom, a sitting room or even the foyer of your home. After your guests have gone home, simply hang your decorative wall hangings back on the wall and let the wonderful smells of the pom poms take your breath away.

Oriental themed decor is also popular for dollhouses and other porcelain dollhouse accessories. To create a diy project that will be a hit among your friends, you can purchase many different types of lacy scarves in several different colors. Purchase a plain silk scarf in a floral pattern and purchase a brightly colored, printed scarf in another color. Hanging these scarves on the accent tables or in the corners of a playhouse will add a touch of uniqueness to the overall dollhouse look. If you do not feel like buying new items, many local thrift stores and even some of your local garage sales should have a large selection of cheap tablecloths in a variety of colors.

Bottom Line

No matter what style or motif you choose, adding a little washi tape with your DIY room decor ideas will add an extra touch of freshness to any of your existing furnishings. If you live in a cold climate where it snows during the winter months, consider using washi tape on the edges of your bedspread or pillows. This simple method will keep your pillows fresh and bright throughout the entire year. As you can see, adding these simple washi tape touches to your decorating efforts can add a dose of unique charm to your dollhouse decorating.

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