How to Add Style and Functionality to Your Living Room with Ceiling Design

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Ceiling design is a “smart” way to make your boring living room look more attractive without spending too much money. A new ceiling texture or pattern can give the usual type of living room decoration that little extra something that will transform your space into something wonderful and rejuvenating. It’s also really easy to do! I’m going to show you how. No need for fancy tools or hard-to-find supplies; you probably already have everything you need in your home right now. If not, go out and buy it! This job isn’t complicated at all – anyone can do it.

Just follow these guidelines to Add Style and Functionality to Your Living Room with Ceiling Design:

Pick a Theme

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It will be tough to choose a ceiling texture without knowing the overall theme of your living room. Is it cozy and inviting? Ultra-chic and modern? Bold and imposing? The style you’ve chosen should influence your choice of ceiling design.

Work with Your Ceiling Height

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This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take into account the height of their ceilings when choosing which type of ceiling design to use. If you have high ceilings, for example, then “texture” is probably the way to go for your living room’s ceiling decoration – think popcorn or stucco or other textured designs that are meant to lengthen the look of your space. If you have low ceilings, however, you might want to play it safe and go with a smooth finish.

Decide on the Ceiling Texture or Pattern

If your living room is already quite decorated/ furnished, you can go with something bold and modern like an embossed design (those raised lines they use on ceilings nowadays). If your space is more contemporary and clean-lined, then layering texture – which involves adding multiple patterns or designs on top of each other – would be best. Traditional rooms should probably avoid anything too ornate and opt instead for something simple and elegant like small circular patterns.

Find the Right Suppliers

Once you’ve chosen the style of ceiling design you’d like for your living room, it’s time to get down to business and actually get it. You can buy these types of things at your local hardware store or you might find them are specialty shops catering specifically toward decorators. If all else fails, try searching online – there are tons of websites out there that sell this type of thing.

Easy Does It

The key to successfully applying ceiling texture/pattern is patience. Take your time and make sure the entire ceiling has been covered correctly before calling it a day. Remember, finished work doesn’t always show up right away but it will definitely be worth the wait when you’re done.


Add Style and Functionality to Your Living Room with Ceiling Design. If your living room is looking dull or if you’re just in need of some inspiration, ceiling design is the right choice for you! It’s easy to do, it’s relatively inexpensive (and certainly cheaper than repainting everything!), and it can completely change the look & feel of any room.

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