How to Make an Indoor Water Fountain Easily

make indoor water fountain

Indoor water fountains add a lot of style to your living room. The best part is they are very affordable. Many different companies make them and even you can make them yourself. Making indoor water fountains at home gives you all the benefits of the ones that you see in the park or zoo.

One of the benefits of an indoor fountain is the sound of the water trickling down the spout. This is soothing and can help you relax. An indoor water fountain also has the advantage of giving you your own special place to relax. You can sit on it and read a book. You can put a CD on it and listen to it by yourself.

Here Are The Tips To Make An Indoor Water Fountain

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You don’t have to use hard water to make your own fountain. Soft water works just as well. A spray bottle or hose can be used to fill up a container of water. Never use hard water as it can cause damage to wood and textured surfaces. If you do it often then it isn’t necessary to make a big mess to clean up.

To make it easier on yourself, you will want to choose a good location for your fountain. It should be in a place that is not too close to a window or door where people are going to walk by. You want it out of the way. If you have young children, you will want to make sure there is plenty of room around it for them to play near it. Choose a spot that is at a comfortable height for you. You will want to make sure it isn’t too high or too low, either way it will not be very effective.

Next you are going to want to get the materials you need to construct it. This should be fairly simple if you follow the instructions from the manufacturer. There are various types of materials available, which makes it easier to find something that fits into your budget. Start by making a box out of cardboard. This can be used later to store the parts while you are assembling it.

Use some strong cardboard to make a cover over the top of the fountain. You want to make sure that it is weather resistant so it won’t be destroyed by drastic temperature changes. This will prevent any water from escaping and make the sound more realistic. Place this cover over the entire area where you are going to build the fountain and remember to secure it with some strong tape.

Now it is time to actually put the fountain together. Make sure that the fountain base is assembled first, and then attach the supporting rods and wheels to make it more stable. Finally you are going to want to attach the finishing pieces and make sure they are securely in place, then add any water and let it set up for a few days.

To learn how to make an indoor water fountain, simply search on the internet. You are sure to find a lot of information that can help you get this project started. The cost of these fountains is low enough that anyone can afford them. It doesn’t take long to put one together and you can enjoy the sound of bubbling water as you sit back and relax. You can also find instructions that will show you how to assemble it properly.

Stuff You Are Gonna Need

Before getting started, you will need to make sure all the supplies are ready. Glass jar with a lid, Styrofoam water container, cork piece for the pump and some sand. The only items that you will definitely need to buy are the fountain itself and some suitable water. It is recommended that you use tap water. This way you will be able to make sure your fountain is not contaminated and that there are no leaks.

When everything is ready, you should read through the guide carefully before you start. Then you simply follow the steps. It is recommended that you read this guide at least twice to make sure you understand all the instructions properly. You will want to make sure you have good ventilation when building the fountain. If not, make sure you buy some fans. You may need them to circulate the air and to keep the water warm.


While you are waiting for the water fountain to build up, you can fill it with any water you prefer. It is a good idea to change out the water as often as possible to get the best quality. If you don’t want to change out the water on a regular basis, you should think about getting a dispenser that will hold more water than normal fountains. This can help to cut down on maintenance.

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