How To Use Water Fountain Indoor Feng Shui

A fountain in front of a body of water

Water Fountain Indoor Feng Shui is based on the ancient belief that water can attract the things that it is meant to draw. The existence of water is associated with different positive energies. The presence of water brings the presence of prosperity and good luck. Water brings the sound of water and also the sound of chirping birds. People who have fountains at home use them to attract more blessings from the heavens. Some experts believe that water fountains that are placed outdoors attract bad luck.

Different Components Make Up Space

A fountain in front of a body of water

Feng Shui is based on the idea that different components make up space. These components are earth, fire, wood, metal and water. Having these five elements in a given space can create different effects, according to Feng Shui. Water Fountain Indoor Feng Shui is used to increase the overall energy of the water area, which is also one of its five fundamental elements.

Why A Water Fountain?

A close up of a metal object

A water fountain indoors can attract abundance since the water element can be able to sustain the space. Water brings the sound of water, and chirping birds’ sound is considered pleasing and relaxing. These fountains are considered to be very promising. It is said that the sound of water makes the water fountain Feng Shui fountains auspicious since the sound is similar to that of the flowing water. Moreover, the flowing water tends to wash away all the bad things in your life and bring you more fortune.

Tabletop Fountain

The simplest form would be the tabletop fountain when it comes to water fountains indoor Feng Shui design. Since it is the simplest form of this type of fountain, you do not have to worry about the possible bad outcome. The presence of tabletop fountains does not cause any negative impact since they are simple. However, if you want something more ornate, you can always opt to choose the free-standing varieties.

Free-Standing Water Fountains

You can choose between the tabletop and free-standing water fountains depending on your preference and decorum. You can have the simplest design of this type of fountain by using a bowl-shaped container. You should also know that most water fountains use metal plates in their construction. This is because it allows easier maintenance, and you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion since this kind of metal plate is resistant to corrosion. It is advisable to choose water fountains with metal plates to allow the water fountain indoor design to last for many years.

 Other Water Fountain Indoor Types

Other water fountain indoor types may require you to have more elaborated designs. This is so because more elaborate designs enhance the flow of positive energy in the room. Other designs use stone as well as ceramic materials. Some even use the crystal as a material to improve the lighting of the room. However, if you think that the use of water fountains can only enhance the appearance of a certain room, you are mistaken. You also have to keep in mind that certain areas in a house where the presence of a water fountain can be a problem. This is especially true if you have children or pets. Since there is a strong connection between water and cleansing, you do not want to place water fountains in these areas.

Summing Up With The Solution

To solve this problem, you can install a water fountain in the corner of your room. This is a way to balance the area without placing a water fountain in the corner of a room. It is important to make sure that the placement of your water fountain is in harmony with the other fountains in the house. Your Feng Shui will thank you for it.

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