Industrial Modern Interior Design Ideas

industrial modern interior design

The modern industrial style has been gaining popularity over the last several years, and it’s not hard to see why. This style, characterized by its use of natural materials like wood, stone, concrete, and steel paired with some contemporary touches, can be applied to commercial and residential spaces. Here are five chic designs that will turn your house into a modern oasis in no time at all.

Take A Closer Look At The Details

 Details make all the difference when it comes to designing an interior space. While you may want to revamp your entire home at once, it’s essential to understand that design can take some time; it’s not as simple as adding up square footage and choosing a paint color. Focus on one room or part of one room at a time and take some time to analyze how small changes in layout or material can change how you live in that space every day. 

Decorate With Neutral Tones

A room with a sink and a mirror

In interior design, creating separation between elements of a room is key to achieving an airy, open, and cohesive look. An excellent way to do this is by using only neutral tones throughout a room. Neutral colors like white, taupe, or gray provide plenty of textures (think: warm wood against smooth plaster). When paired with other neutral shades, prevent rooms from becoming visually cluttered. Add pops of color with accessories and throw pillows, but don’t rely on them to carry your space’s visual interest. 

Get Inspired By Mid-Century Architecture

An oversized coffee table and floor-to-ceiling windows are so not in right now. The new trend is mid-century. We all love how everything in our grandparents’ homes seems to radiate from the 50s and 60s, but with a modern twist. Some people call it Industrial Modern. Whatever you choose to call it, industrial style is on-trend right now for interior design because of its minimalistic nature and clean lines.

Go Bold With Bright Colors

Bold colors may make you feel more empowered and confident, while subdued hues can be relaxing and calming. Research has shown that color, especially what you see right after waking up, can affect your mood for all that day. If you’re in a funk, consider painting one wall in an accent color to wake up your space. Light colors tend to feel airier and brighter than dark ones.

Mix Textures For Added Drama

One of the favorite things about industrial design is how it combines different materials. Aloft in Chicago, for example, might use reclaimed wood with polished concrete and bright white walls. By combining textures, you can make a room feel more exciting and dramatic—and add visual interest. If you’re stuck on what to try first, consider contrasting: stone with brick or wood; leather with metal; or shiny with matte.


Choosing an interior design theme for a room can seem daunting but following the five simple steps to designing your perfect space is quick and easy. All you need is some time, patience, and imagination, and it’s sure to look (and feel) like an oasis in no time. If you have any questions about industrial or modern interior design ideas at all, feel free to comment below.

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