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modern italian interior design

The history of modern Italian interior design is quite lengthy and very interesting, ancient Italian interior design was a passion of the Italian royalty from the late Roman times to the Renaissance. This is because the high-ranking Nobles would spend large amounts of money decorating their palaces and villas, hence the term “discoartment” was born. They also spent large amounts of time in this profession, travelling and hunting, which explains the long-lasting Tuscan design theme. However, during the Renaissance, Italian design became more ornate and the style gradually converged with that of the French. In the late 15th century, furniture made in Italy was fashionable throughout Europe and furniture design became very fashionable.

An Overview

Today, an Italian designer will design luxury home interiors around a central theme or an individual theme depending on their preferences. The most popular themes are the Italian renaissance, the Baroque, Neoclassicism and the Viennese Neue designs. However, they will also take into consideration the use of natural materials, periodical use of different textures and colors. The use of modern technology also has an impact on the modern Italian interior design.

One of the most important things to remember about modern Italian interior designers is that they use light and space to their advantage, this is done by using as much natural light as possible. Furthermore, it is important to ensure there are plenty of windows to let fresh air in. Living spaces should be wide and airy; dark, narrow and enclosed spaces only add to the weight and effort of moving around. Furthermore, the use of natural fabrics, minimal furnishings and plain furniture with bright colors helps create the right atmosphere. Use of accessories such as vases and candles can also help create a warm and relaxing environment.

Simple Italian Design Facts

A sofa in a room

When thinking of how to decorate your living space to think about the color combinations as well as the textured paint and rugs. The use of modern Italian furniture design should compliment the colors and textures of the wall, tiles and other decoration. However, don’t clutter the room with too much Italian furniture or you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of items and accessories

An Italian home is considered to be full of beauty and style; therefore, the use of modern Italian interior designers for decorating the interiors of the homes are always welcome. Most of these people prefer to use natural fabrics for decorating the homes, which includes using paisley prints, animal skin, leather and other natural fabric materials. They also prefer using natural furniture, such as wood, stone and glass, with geometric shapes and simple lines. These people also prefer using modern accessories such as iron wall hangings, ceramic tiles, iron candle holders, metal candlesticks, mirrors and other wall decorations.

The use of modern Italian interior designers for decorating the interiors of the homes usually start with the kitchen. Once the kitchen has been finalized, the decorators work on the bathrooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. The colours used in the bathrooms and kitchens are light and airy so that they create a feeling of openness and space. There should be a good coherence between the colours, patterns and textures in order to create a harmonious atmosphere. The modern furniture in these rooms can be on metallic surfaces such as stainless steel, wrought iron, bronze, copper and chrome.

Bottom Line

The bedrooms have some simple furniture which includes a bed, dressing table, night stand and a bookcase. A combination of different types of furnishings is also possible to create a simple yet elegant and luxurious Italian interior design. In order to enhance the feel of spaciousness and airiness, the modern Italian furniture designers prefer a dark and neutral colour scheme for the walls. Similarly, the flooring of these rooms should be made of stone, tile and linoleum so that there is continuity between the designs and styles. Using hand-woven rugs, ceramic tiles, wood and leather will give a unique look to the luxury Italian furniture collections.

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