Modern Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

modern art deco interior design

The Art Deco Interior Design Style is a design style that emerged during the 1890s and focused on bold geometric shapes, strong colors, and unappealing patterns. It focuses on clean lines and heavy geometric elements with strong contrasting elements in the form of bright pinks, blues, blacks, whites, etc. This style is considered an art form and it often invokes powerful reactions from people who see the interior design. Some people may find the unusual colors and shapes to be distasteful while others will find the beauty of the artistry to be overwhelming. In most cases, these types of rooms have a very utilitarian look and do not have much aesthetic flair.

There are many places that you can find a modern art Deco interior design style in your home. One place that you can look for a Victorian or Edwardian inspired room design is at the flea market. Many flea markets are held on Sundays during the fall. These are the times when people will bring their old blankets and chairs, tables and other items that they no longer want. At the flea market you will likely find a good selection of cheap modern furniture as well as soft furnishings and wall hangings.

A Victorian Art Deco Interior Design

A room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

You can also try finding a Victorian art Deco interior design idea by going online. You will probably find dozens of websites dedicated to the Victorian era and the art Deco style. Most of these websites will only show you pictures of what the spaces would look like but some of them actually have detailed descriptions about what the spaces could look like. Most of the websites will not cost anything but you might have to pay a membership fee to become a member and download the interior designs. This fee is usually not very expensive and you will get access to tons of great art Deco interior design ideas.

Another great idea for a modern art Deco interior design is to use geometric shapes. These can be used to make a collage or a mural. You can make one big piece and break it up into many smaller pieces. You can use squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and hexagons. The size you choose will depend on how much space you have and how big your wall space is.

Use Burl Wood

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One great way to incorporate geometric shapes in your modern art Deco interior design style is to use burl wood. Burl wood has a very unique texture and it can give any room an antique or craftsman style feel. In addition it has the ability to easily stain in colors so you can change the colors whenever you want. The texture of the burl wood also lends itself very nicely to being painted. You can paint large areas in a variety of colors and just let them sit.

Art Deco interior design ideas include using black glass. You could use black colored glass in your geometric pieces. You could use black glass to surround mirrors or small chandeliers. You could also surround large sculptures or large paintings with black glass. Having black glass around the fireplace would look stunning.

The Stripes

The last of the modern art Deco interior design styles that I would like to introduce you to are the stripes. These are very popular today and you can see many different companies using these in their offices. You can also find many stripes in various colors but they look best as a solid color. You can really make a unique statement by choosing bolder stripes.

Modern art Deco style interiors really benefit from using a great key element, which is color. But, it should not be just any old color, but something that fit into your particular style.

Final Words

By using the key elements of color, light and boldness, you can create a wonderful artistic statement that will leave everyone around you wondering how you did it! Enjoy!

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