Modern Colonial Interior Design – All You Need To Know About Its Design Ideas And Facts

modern colonial interior design

These homes are inspired by the styles of the early americans and feature some of the same motifs, such as French Country, Colonial, or Queen Anne. These homes are often unique in that they use a variety of textures and materials such as wood, stone, tile, wallpaper, metalwork, and iron. The use of these various textures and materials creates a unique look that differs from early American interior design.

Popular Modern Colonial Interior Design

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Some of the popular modern colonial interior design elements are the use of rough woods, distressed finishes, locally produced iron, heavy furniture, and earth tones. Colors include neutral colors such as browns, greens, creams, tans, and whites. Decorating features include exposed wooden beams on the floor, distressed walls, distressed wood doors, and light colored ceilings. Many colonial homes are one story in nature, while others have two or more story homes. A main entrance is often a front door with a patio or deck area on the rear. Most homes contain either one or two story living area.

Some of the best modern colonials include those built onsite at plantations and early settlers’ homes. These are the same homes that later would be converted into hotels. The style of the design usually changes throughout the house design, but the main elements remain.

 Main Characteristics Of Modern Colonial Homes Interior Design

One of the main characteristics of modern colonial home’s interior design is their simple lines and lack of ornamentation. Some of the furniture may be hand crafted and unique, while others are mass produced. Colonial style furniture uses simple wood designs that are straight, with no ornate designs. Examples of this include tables, chairs, dressers, chests, and more.

Many modern homes may also contain a rustic, cottage feel to their interior design. This theme is usually conveyed through the use of color, textures, and materials. Most modern Colonial houses use dark hardwoods, with lighter wood accents. They may also use distressed woods, which give the home a worn appearance. Many of these wood accents come in different stains and finishes to allow for easy cleaning.

Rugs And Wall Coverings

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Other modern house interior design elements include rugs and wall coverings. These may be used to create an environment that mimics that of a plantation or early settler’s home. The Colonial style of design included a lot of grass, thanks to the sandy soil in colonial houses. There were carpeting in bedrooms as well as rugs throughout the house. They are still popular in this day and age.

In modern homes, the idea of a rustic interior may be considered outdated. However, homeowners should not let this idea die out. Instead, they should incorporate it into a modern design scheme by combining it with other current trends. A great way to accomplish this task is by finding old furniture and incorporating it into your current design scheme. For instance, you can find old wood that has stains and paint, and then incorporate that into the modern home interior design.

Last Words 

Of course, no discussion of the modern style of interior design would be complete without mentioning the influence of the Industrial Age on home style. For example, the widespread use of metal in the construction of most houses meant that every home had to be modern in some way. The same goes for the popular use of insulation products in the building of homes in the 20th century. You might choose to incorporate one or more of these techniques into your own house style, if you like the idea of mixing past and present.

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