Modern Interior Design Styles – What Do They Have In Common

Modern Interior Design Styles

This article seeks to explain the most popular interior design styles and their characteristics. By definition, modern simply refers to happening or existing in the present. Modern, in its most basic form, refers to all the current design trends, which mean that modern interior design styles generally refer to current interior design styles while also paying homage to the historical past.

Discussing Contemporary Design Styles

Within the following paragraphs, we will attempt to use our language effectively to discuss the most common contemporary interior design styles. We will use terms like “funky”, “contemporary” and “fresh” and so on. When discussing contemporary design styles, we should keep in mind that this is an area that greatly differs from decorative arts. While the topics of decorative arts are extremely broad, the topics of interior design are incredibly narrow. In other words, we are talking about a very specific style here. When describing contemporary design styles, you are basically describing contemporary design as it occurs in the present period.


A living room filled with furniture and a large window

One of the most common contemporary interior design styles occurs to be called cubism. Cubism is characterized by the intermixing of various elements into a single piece of furniture or art. Some of the most popular pieces of cubism furniture include the coffee table with the chair and the wall hanging with a painting.

Another one of the most common modern interior design styles occurs to be known as the open floor concept. With this concept, the layout of a room is loosely designed. You would be able to open the floor up to either side and have access to each area of the room. This type of design is most commonly used in living rooms, because it allows you to let a lot of light in and still get the feel of a large open space.

Zen Interior Design Styles

Zen interior design styles are characterized by a very clean and crisp type of decor. Zen simply means “a state of complete inner peace”. The main characteristic of a Zen interior is that everything is done in a very calm and relaxed manner.

Perhaps the most widely known contemporary design style is called minimalism. Minimalists place great emphasis on textures and the integration of different elements into their surroundings. Their favourite materials include wood, glass, stone, leather, textiles, and other natural fabrics. Other elements that are frequently utilised in minimalist designs include: straight lines, as well as geometric shapes.

Another extremely popular interior design style occurs to be known as cubism. Unlike Zen, it doesn’t feature open floor plans. Cubists tend to prefer connecting one area of a room to another through a series of small rooms or through connecting a specific area of a space with the adjacent spaces. Some common elements included in cubist styles include rounded forms, concave shapes, as well as concentric shapes and symmetrical patterns.

Bottom Lines

The blank canvas or the neutral colour palette of many modern styles gives architects a lot of room to create a multitude of unique looks. In fact, the blank canvas or the neutral colour palette is one of the most important design concepts in all of interior design. Many people do not realise it, but when you go into a home, the first thing that you see is a space filled with furniture. The blank canvas that is given by the absence of a specific colour or style of furniture is called a blank canvas, and it allows a designer to take full creative control over their own personal spaces.

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