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water wall fountain indoor

Water wall fountains are a widespread choice among fountain lovers. These beautiful wall fountains allow you to enjoy the soothing sounds of running water in your home or office. They are easy to install, require no special plumbing knowledge, and are a great way to incorporate natural sounds into the decor of your home or office. There is an enormous selection of wall water fountains to choose from and knowing what you are looking for will help you find the best indoor water fountain for your home or office. Here are a few things that you should look for when selecting a water wall fountain for your home or office. If you are looking for an indoor wall fountain to replace a tabletop water feature, you will want to consider a couple of things before you make your final purchase.

Determine Which Size You Will Need

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For starters, you will need to determine which size you will need. The most common sizes for a tabletop water feature are twenty-eight inches wide by forty-six inches tall, but you can also get them in other sizes. The taller models typically provide more water flow, so you may need to consider this when making your selection. The water wall fountain’s water volume will depend on the weight of the water pump that is powering it. You will also need to consider any accessories that you have on the floor, including water pots, if you plan to put other items in the fountain. Many of the wall fountains powered by water pumps come with detachable water pots that you can quickly transfer to other areas of your home or office.

Low Water Levels

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If your water fountain is in a part of your home or office where splashing is not an issue, you do not need to worry about low water levels. However, if you like to sit by the water and enjoy nature’s sounds, you will need to ensure adequate water for your enjoyment. You can purchase water wall fountains with or without water pumps, and there are models available that will fit into any size area, no matter how large or small.


You should keep in mind a few things when you are considering a water wall fountain. First, you will want to find a size that will give you the best amount of privacy while still giving you the sound effect you are looking for. You will also want to make sure that the water will create a enough level of turbulence when you are near the fountain. Many fountains use air to produce sound, which must be accomplished to keep the sound within the boundaries of the rush. If the turbulence is not enough, you will not enjoy the sounds that the fountain is designed to deliver.

Maintain Your Water Wall Fountain

There are several different ways that you can maintain your water wall fountain. If you elect to do so, you may only need to flip the switch on the pump every couple of weeks to add water to the fountain. This is great for sprays located outdoors since you will only need to replace the pump more often. However, if you decide to place the water wall fountain inside, it will need to be replaced with water once each month, unless you choose to use an automatic cleaning system. For fountains that are indoors, you may also elect to use a system that provides for manual cleaning every five days.

In-Ground Model

Another benefit of choosing a water wall fountain over an in-ground model is that it will provide better sound quality. An in-groundwater fountain will often use rock or plastic sound elements to enhance the sound, but the water fountain mounted indoors will not be limited to these options. Therefore, your water fountain will offer you a better sound, even if you are located indoors.

Final Words

The decision to mount a water wall fountain indoors or outdoors is a personal one, but it should be based on the type of fountain you would prefer and your budget. Water wall fountains can be custom built to incorporate all sorts of unique sounds and designs, which are sure to make your fountain one of the most stunning in your home. Your guests will be surprised to see this fountain inside, and you will enjoy the peaceful feeling it provides while adding a new element to your decor.

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