Some modern DIY home decor ideas which will help you out in transforming your house

modern diy home decor

You should go to making your accent for transforming your house which is a very minimalistic activity and for this you don’t need to purchase very expensive materials or products. A small personal touch can help you to bring the most desired transformation to your house when it comes to contemporary spaces. We have listed down some trendy DIY home decor that will help you transform your house by giving you your personal touch on the space.

1. Wall Clock-

A person sitting at a desk in front of a window

This wall has the sleekest piece of functional art. This wall clock can easily blend and conjure up with other objects which you have added to your house.

2. Mesh Board Made of steel-

A person standing in front of a building

The kitchen and home office are best suited for this mesh board. You can countertop your desk with this trendy Mesh along with other instalments which you made to your desk. You can add some Instagram pictures and art designs to make it look more beautiful and personal.

3. B&W Vase-

It is very easy to recreate this black and white vase. Any Crafter who is a beginner also can make this very easily. All you need to do is just Grab a vase and paint it with any colour and then add some general stickers on to make it look stunning.

4. Circle shelf planter-

By using circle wood and Dowel rods you can easily make this shelf planter on your own. Mid-century modern style and fresh air with breath perfection will be added to the corners of your house if you install this shelf planter.


Without ignoring your modern style add some greenery to your wall with the help of this copper air plant holder. Staying true to your clean and posh style it also comes in several metallic colours to help you transform according to your colour preference.

6. Blushing Chair-

You can give a modern update to your thrift store, all you need to grab a chair and use some spray paint on the chair to transform the chair.

7. Hoop Wreaths-

Hoops are warm and welcoming and one of the most essential modern additions which you make to your house. Lemon Thistle gives a more contemporary spin design which will have the same welcoming period with cleaner lines.

8. House number sign-

You can give a modern transformation to the number plate of your house. You just need to Grab some wood shims and get ready to give your house Number plate a more contemporary and modern transformation.


We have listed above some very unique and handy DIY decor for your house which you can use to transform your house into an interesting and amazing place. Stay tuned for more updates about decors and get some news about the latest decors.

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