Striking Divider Designs for Your Home Office

Divider designs provide the perfect opportunity to create a unique space that reflects your style and needs. Here are divider designs that can help you create not only an aesthetically pleasing room, but also one that’s functional, adaptable, and affordable.

Because walls define space without limiting it, they’re like black holes for design ideas. Whether you’re creating an office or dividing up your living room, your imagination is the only limit to how you use this versatile solution for partitioning different areas of any area of your home. It might be hard to believe (considering the number of people who do it) but there really isn’t anything new under the sun; everything has been done before. However, as designers prove time and time again, there are always new ways to approach a problem.

So here we have:

A wall of built-in shelving

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Built-in shelving can be used to create partition walls, delineate space, and hide storage. This wood divider is a great solution for adding a built-in bookshelf to a long hallway or an office. A glazed door with a shelf on top looks as good as it is practical. The glass door allows light through without compromising privacy. Also, the glass offers more design possibilities than a wooden door would have had. If you don’t need as much storage as this arrangement provides but still want that same clean look, then half of the shelves are removable so that you only need to use what you need.

Open I-Be Shelving

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Shelves that cross a room rather than going from floor to ceiling offer you more storage space and make the most out of every square inch. This open shelving is made up of three I-Beam shelves in different sizes that are mounted on both walls, allowing them to take advantage of the full width offered in this location. The result is an airy arrangement that doesn’t look cluttered or overloaded.

Floating Shelves That Divide Open Areas

Much like built-in shelving, floating shelves can divide areas without closing them off completely. Not only do these shelves break up the space visually thanks to their staggering formation but they also provide functional storage without encroaching on what’s behind them. You can use paint or wallpaper to cover the front of the shelf and personalize it. The shelf with an open back would allow you to push a desk up against it without having to worry about cables getting in the way.

Partitioned Room Divider

These partitioned shelves are great for creating private spaces in otherwise open arrangements. This divider is especially practical when children are involved, allowing their areas to be delineated from the rest of the room with a greater degree of safety than any other solution would provide. Another practical element worth mentioning is that this design allows for built-in storage underneath each section.

Glass Wall Screen

Glass partitions offer both visual and physical separation between different areas while still letting plenty of light through. Mounted on rails, these sliding glass panels can move to virtually any position. The choice of glass as a material is very practical too as it keeps costs down and, thanks to its transparency, doesn’t affect the room’s openness. This arrangement combines two types of screens: one that moves and another fixed for those times when you need total privacy.

Wooden Wall Panels with Integrated Shelf

A fantastic way to divide your living space without closing it off entirely is by making use of wall-mounted shelves or cabinets. These wooden panels offer plenty of storage possibilities while remaining discreetly hidden away behind the art they’re holding on display. Rather than keeping each panel in place, arranging them at different heights allows you more flexibility for fitting them around your furniture arrangement. If using shelves instead will leave you with no room for art, then cabinets will provide the necessary storage without taking up wall space.

Warm Divider

Wooden partitions that cross the ceiling break up an open plan arrangement into smaller sections but they still allow plenty of light to filter through. The wood panels are stacked on top of one another creating a warm divider that visually separates areas but also provides functional elements like built-in shelves and cabinets. They can be left as is or painted in different colors to match your décor perfectly.

Multi-functional Bookcase Wall

Multi-functional bookcase walls look fantastic when they’re used to divide open living spaces while adding practical furniture pieces that offer storage solutions. Not only do these multifunctional bookshelves serve as a divider between different zones but they also give you additional storage space and display your favorite books and trinkets. This piece is particularly interesting in that it combines open shelves with cabinets, offering an even greater degree of flexibility.

Transparent Wall Screen

Transparent partitions look especially good when used to divide living areas. They offer visual privacy without blocking out too much light and this floor-to-ceiling design will certainly add depth and dimension to the entire space. To keep things elegant yet simple, glass panels would be an obvious choice but frosted or opaque glass could work just as well if you want something that’s discreet enough for blending into the background while still giving you privacy when needed.


Open-plan living spaces are great options to consider when you want to make the most of your limited space. It’s important, though, to find ways of dividing different areas without closing them off entirely as the point is to maintain an airy atmosphere while still having functional zones. The ideas listed here offer plenty of inspiration for arranging your furniture in smart ways that will give each area its own defined space without closing it off completely.

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