Tips To Getting Modern Victorian Interior Design

modern victorian interior design

Aesthetics is still expected as an ideology and an interior design movement, but an overwhelming number of individuals are exhausted from seeing sparsely furnished spaces. People are moving to Victorian architecture as a means of combating minimalism. They are named after the art and design that flourished during Queen Victoria’s reign. So, here are some tips for getting modern Victorian interior design.


A large room

When it comes to modern Victorian decor, colors are not as important as style. That said, it’s better to stick to lighter colors than dark ones. The Victorian-style tends to be too dark (red, brown, blues), so keep it fresh and modern, going with lighter and more colorful colors. Neutrals like cream and gray are also good.


A room filled with furniture and a large window

The Victorian-style is often associated with heavy background patterns in Damascus, for example. These paper styles can still be great, but make sure they’re not too dark. Dark-toned patterns in creams, beige, and soft metallics can be good. Architectural details such as crown making and chair rails are super ways to add a Victorian feel.


Victorian furniture can be pretty heavy-looking. Antique, carved pieces of wood were standard and were often covered with silk, velvet, and brocades. The updated look looks like feminine furniture curves but keeps them in lighter shades. It’s also essential to mix them with slightly more modern songs. For example, a curvy sofa or chaise can be a streamlined coffee table or side table.


A modern Victorian room must have long curtains (blinds and shutters don’t match the look), but heavy fabrics with plenty of embellishments, soft, stylish fabrics (like silk), and keep the decorations as small as possible. Avoid extra tassels and branches.

Accessories And Accents

Choose accessories wisely – they can look great. Think of things like gilded mirrors, crystal bears and chandeliers, and beautiful pillows. Again, don’t just overload it. If you have a large chandelier, you may need more low-key cages.

Mixing Victorian with Modern

The deliberate blending of decadent Victorian architecture and chic contemporary design is the hallmark of the Modern Victorian style. The Victorian tone can be set with bold floral wallpaper, while elegant new furniture saves the room from becoming claustrophobic. Velvet was very fashionable in Victorian days, so any velvet you use on your table would have a Victorian feel to it.

No Need To Shy Away!

 During the Victorian period, modern colors were prevalent. It’s not necessary to have the same color scheme. Removable wallpaper, upholstery, rugs, curtain, and other decor are all excellent ways to add color and pattern to your space. You’ll always get the blend of sleek architecture you’re searching for when you couple it with bland white walls.

Embracing Ornament

If you have fascinating design firms in your space, plan the room around them. Victorian Design is also a perfect theme for enthusiasts because it encourages you to showcase your prized possessions. Pay attention to minor details like cabinet doors hardware and door handles, as these can be used to bring ornate flair to space.


Victorian Design has a vintage feel that can outlast other styles. Because of its maximalist nature, it has plenty of space to welcome patterns as they come and go. You will achieve the right mix by combining ornate Victorian architecture with chic contemporary styles.

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