Top 5 Small Indoor Water Fountain Design

Small Indoor Water Fountain

Having a fountain in a home is one of the dreams of every homeowner. Aside from adding to the house interior, it is also relaxing to look at.

Ah, the gush, drizzle, and trickle of an indoor fountain. This overflowing accent is more than just a focal point of a particular household; it brings out a soothing feel and tranquility to everyone near it. A small indoor fountain is a perfect investment for those who seek comfort and relief.

If you are planning to design fountains in your home, you have many things to consider so that it matches your home’s capacity and interior design. These include the fountain size, the materials used, and its structure. You need to consider the space you already allotted for your fountain. If it is a small area, the fountain you should purchase should be small as well.

The following are some of the most outstanding installations of water fountain:

Small wall fountain

When it comes to water fountains, size doesn’t really matter. You’ll be surprised at how a tiny glass or ceramic wall fountain can seize the attention of your guests. Whether it’s a river stone, column, high panel, or a stainless steel fountain, your walls will never be the same with this calming piece.

Slate water fountain

A man riding on the back of a waterfall

Bring out nature’s touch with a slate, wooden, or copper water fountain. The most loved designs for this type are the cascade rustic modern fountain and creek slate copper. With this earthly ornament, self-care is undoubtedly raised to a higher bar.

Light and water fountain

Are you planning on piquing your special guest’s interest? Up your water fountain with some light accents. Just be sure to place the light sources strategically so that it defines the edges of your water fountain. Downright flawless, this visual delight can be placed in your dining area, living room, or just anywhere you like.

Tabletop water fountain

The very popular tabletop fountains are commonly following Fengshui, but if you’re not much into Asian ambiance, any resin water fountain will fit in your coffee table. Add some candles, light accents, or ceramics, and your living room is near to perfection.

Organic fountain

Are you blessed with a green thumb? A lovely bamboo water fountain is your precious twin then. If you also have maintained a charming bonsai, you can consider merging it with a built-in automatic pump so that continuous water circulation in it is ensured. Glorious for your landscapes or bedroom.

Rock water fountain

This one is a dear complement to your prized pottery. You are highly advised to pair it with a relaxing scented candle or essential oil diffuser. Most forms of this type of water fountain come in pillars, spheres, and cylinders.

Indeed, having a fountain really adds to the beauty of a house. So what are you waiting for? Find a fountain that you think will suit your home. Your guests and yourself will surely enjoy it.

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