Unique DIY Home Decor for Walls

diy home decor

You can enhance the look of your homes by investing in unique types of wall décor ideas. Here is a list of some ideas you can use to deck up your walls. Read below our list of unique DIY home décor tips for walls.

Wall Clocks

A pencil on a wood surface

Walls clocks in various decorative and ornamental patterns not only add functionality but also décor to dull walls. You can perk up your home décor by picking pretty wall clocks for your walls. Try to match your wall clocks with the theme and color of the room.


A piece of cake

Your personal photographs, your kids and family members’ photographs framed in pretty frames can adorn your walls beautifully, while also add a lovely decorative look to your walls. A house becomes a home when you put up your personal pictures on the walls.

Wall Paper

Wall papers are used since the ancient times to deck up wall spaces. These come in various hues, textures and prints. Wall papers add decorative look to homes and also enhance the furniture and upholstery when cleverly chosen. You can select between abstract, floral, geometric, 3D and such other themes to decorate your walls.

Paint your walls in neutral and light shades

Often people paint their walls in dark shades or vibrant colors, which tend to create a negative impact after some time. Wall paint or wall paper is something one cannot change often when compared to accessories. The right thing would be to use light wall colors or neutral wall papers so that you can accessorize bright and then change your accessories when required.


Put plenty of mirrors into your house, especially in your hall as it makes any small space look bigger. They also make a dull décor look brighter. Mirrors have the property of bouncing back light and make the room look bigger and spacious. But if you place mirrors at the wrong spot, it may affect you negatively. Mirrors should always be placed perpendicular to windows and never directly across.

Motivational Wall Decals

You can put up different motivational decals in different walls of your house. For example, your kid’s room can have posters motivating them to work hard and believe in themselves. Your living room can have happy and positive motivational decals like ‘have a bright day’, etc. Your bedroom can have motivational decals like ‘tomorrow will be better’. This concept is not only good for the better future planning of your lives, but also makes your home décor very unique and motivating.

Abstract Art and Paintings

You can even put up decorative wooden or metal art works to enhance the walls. Paintings, whether personally done or bought from galleries of famous painters are a clever way to decorate your walls spaces and also add oodles of charm, color, theme, design and grace to your walls. You can choose costly paintings to adorn your walls, that will not only deck up your walls, but also boast of your décor taste.

These are some of the easiest DIY home décor tips for walls.

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