Why People Choose American Signature Furniture?

american signature furniture

American Signature Furniture and Value City Furniture deal in residential furniture manufactured by American Signature, Inc., as well as more than 30 additional manufacturers from across 125 locations around the East Coast, Midwest, and the South-eastern United States. It operates in almost 18 U.S. states. American Signature Furniture and Value City Furniture offer living, dining, and bedroom furniture, various home furnishings, and outdoor patio pieces.

American Signature Furniture offers numerous furniture options to customers, and much like its sister store Value City Furniture, American Signature Furniture offers home furnishings.

American Signature, Inc. is a private furniture retail company based in Columbus, Ohio. It is the parent company of other retail brands American Signature Furniture and Value City Furniture, and the manufacturer brand American Signature.

Why Shop At American Signature Furniture

Everybody deserves a place that they can call home. This place should reflect your personality. A home that is furnished the way you like would be the best place to return to after a hectic day’s work. You can furnish your house without breaking the bank. This can be done with American Signature Furniture. They have perfect pieces of furniture is one that completes your room, and that turn a house into a home and will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. Here are some reasons so as to why you should consider buying from them.

They Provide The Quality You Can Afford

They furnish their customers. They provide you with high-quality pieces at affordable prices. Their Kroehler line of products features the top-selling Ultimate Comfort Collection. It is made with pride. Owning the factories is part of what gives them the opportunity to provide their customers with products of great quality at unbelievable prices.

Find The Piece That Will Suit Your Purpose

We get busy with all the latest style trends and fashion and tend to forget the classics. If you are someone who embraces a traditional look, rocks a modern vibe, or is comfortably eclectic, they have everything sorted for your choice. They will help you find furniture to make any room made just for you.

Nothing Up Their Sleeves

When they offer a sales promotion, they give you straightforward terms that are easy and understandable. There are no hidden charges, confusing legalese, or smarmy sales pitches which would cause you trouble. If you have a question, just ask. Honest.

Various Payment Options

Once you’ve fallen in love with the perfect piece destined for you, They make sure they won’t let anything stop you from getting it home. Choose from the wide array of exclusive no-money-down financing options with your Signature Plus credit card. They also offer affordable monthly payments that fit your budget with no long-term obligation, and no credit is needed. There are other options of debit cards, cash payment, card payments, UPI, etc.

Love It, Protect It With A Pure Promise.

They have a  5-year warranty- protection plan that includes any kind of stains, accidents, and structural damage to the fabric, leather, or wood pieces. Let’s face it — life happens. Mishaps might occur. In case you don’t use the furniture, you get the full amount back in the form of store credit. 

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